March 31, 2014

First Day Jitters

The first day of school is often a scary time for students. Students feel nervous because things are new and classmates, a new classroom, a new teacher, or even a new school. Try easing students' jitters by beginning the day with a read aloud. First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is one of my favorite back-to-school books. This book concludes with a surprising twist. Before I turn the final page, I ask my students to predict the ending.

Discussion & Activity Guide


First Day Jitter Fritters

Draw and Write: Have students draw a picture of what gave them the jitters before coming to school today. Then have them write about their jitters.

Craft: Have the students use the template to create a paper lunchbox book report. Students can draw a picture on one side of what gave them the jitters and write about it on the other side. Complete the drawing and writing before folding the template.

Lunchbox Template

Template Cutting Tutorial

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