April 17, 2014

Story Town: The Day Eddie Met the Author

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3rd Grade Story Town Practice Book

Lesson 2

CCSS Aligned Lesson Plan
CCSS Aligned Lesson Plan
Scope and Sequence

The Day Eddie Met the Author by Louise Borden
Realistic Fiction

Jeopardy Game
Comprehension Questions
Study Guide

Paired Selections
Good Books, Good Times by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Surprise by Beverly McLoughland

Root Word + Ending: -ed, -ing
1. saved
2. moved
3. riding
4. waking
5. pulled
6. taking
7. hopped
8. baking
9. picked
10. having
11. letting
12. running
13. drawing
14. folded
15. shopped
16. freezing
17. equipped
18. dancing
19. happening
20. quitting

Theme 1 Spelling Words
Spelling City
Words Ending in -ed, -ing
List of Spelling Words for the Year

Comprehension Focus Skill
Characters and Setting
Interactive Story Elements

Comprehension Focus Strategy
Use Graphic Organizers
Brain Pop, Jr. Setting


Vocabulary Words
1. conquer- When you conquer something, such as a problem or a fear, you win against it and overcome it.
2. resistance- When you feel resistance, you do not want something to happen.
3. ponder- When you ponder, you take time to think about an idea.
4. anticipation- When you feel anticipation, you feel excited because something is about to happen.
5. assembly- An assembly is a group of people who have gathered for a reason.
6. plenty- If you have plenty of something, you have more than enough.
7. dismiss- To dismiss is to give permission to leave.
8. squirmed- If you squirmed in your seat a lot, you kept wiggling around as if you were uncomfortable.
9. patchwork- Patchwork is cloth made by sewing together small pieces of different fabrics
10. autographed- If you autographed something, you signed your name on it.

Theme 1 Vocabulary Words
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Sentences (Commands and Exclamations)
Commands and Exclamations Game

Focus: Interview
Trait: Idea
Interview Questions for All Grade Levels