May 7, 2014

Thoughts on Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week is generally recognized as the first week of May.  This is a wonderful time when schools, PTOs, parents, and students recognize my professional for the hard work and dedication shown throughout the year.  I love Teacher Appreciation Week!  I love it for many reasons but not necessarily for the reasons many outside my profession may think.

When it comes to teacher appreciation gift giving, I have had years of abundance and years of famine.  I have had years of feeling like a superhero and years of feeling like a ragamuffin.

I have come to learn that teaching is a cycle.  A cycle of ups-and-downs.  A cycle of oh-my :) and oh-me:(.  A cycle of "I love my job!" to "Education degree...what was I thinking?"

As much as I love and appreciate the "things", NOTHING takes the place of authentic expressions of gratitude from my students.  These are the gifts that keep my fire burning.  For me, Teacher Appreciation can happen at anytime, anywhere, any day.

Here is a sampling of the appreciation shown to me throughout this school year.

May 6, 2014

New Blog Design

I am so thrilled with the design of my new blog.  I worked with Alicia over at Dreamlike Magic.  She was extremely helpful and timely in answering my questions and guiding me through the installation process.  I highly recommend her if you are wanting a new, affordable blog design!  Here are a few of her designs.  Thank you Dreamlike Magic!

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