June 28, 2014

I Love Dollar Tree!

This year at my school third grade will be departmentalized, and I will be teaching science and math. I am very excited about the change! Today, while at Dollar Tree, I made some great buys for my classroom. I was able to find small baskets, sets of three funnels, sets of two ice trays, sets of two water bottles, measuring cups, and chopsticks in four colors. The color variety will help me easily divide my students into four groups.

The ice trays will be used during my Plant Unit for planting seeds. Students will plant seeds in them then place one tray in the sunlight and the other in a dark place. The chopsticks, which are attached like a clip, will be used during my Animal Adaptations Unit. Students will use a variety of utensils to determine the best beak for a variety of birds. The other items will be used for many different labs.

I can't wait to add to these baskets!