July 28, 2014

Subject Binders Western Style

I love the binder covers I've made for this school year.  I can't wait to start adding to them. Wal-mart has these 2" binders on sale for under $5.00. What a deal!

July 20, 2014

Meet My Melonhead

Can you believe I'm a Melonhead? It's the cutest thing, and I absolutely love it!  Here's a shout out to Nikki at Melonheadz Illustrating for doing an amazing job.  

I know you have to want one too.  Nikki will be happy to draw one especially for you. For just $20.00, she will draw you in both color and black-and-white versions along with the attire of your choice, and up to three props.  Send her an email by clicking the link above to place an order.

July 14, 2014

AR Reading Clip Chart and Contest

Does your school use Accelerated Reader? My school does, and our students read very well.

At my school, each student is assigned an AR goal based on his or her reading ability. We focus on the percentage of a student's goal rather than on the point value. We don't want the focus to be on the student with the most points but rather on all the students that reached their goal. In a spirit of celebration, each student that reached 100% of their goal is invited to an AR party at the end of each 9 weeks.

I created this AR Reading Goal Tracking Clip Chart and Bookmark resource to perfectly match my western themed classroom. Do you have a classroom theme that you would like for me to create? Leave your suggestion as a comment along with your email address. You might be a winner of a FREE product of choice from my store.

AR Goal Tracking Clip Chart & Bookmark Western Themed

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July 1, 2014

Sort it Out Game - Brain Pop, Jr.

Students sort words based on specific phonetic goals as they play the Sort It Out Game on Brain Pop, Jr. There are six different games for students to enjoy.

Sort It Out! - Process Skills

In the book Sort it Out! by Barabara Mariconda we meet Packy the Packrat. He has quite a collection and his mother has had enough of his packrat ways! She gives Packy an assignment to sort the items and put them away. Throughout the story Packy sorts his items in familiar and not so familiar ways. Written in rhyme with colorful, detailed illustrations, this book makes for a great introduction into process skills.

A little LAGNIAPPE: There are additional sorting activities in the back of the book.

Basic Process Skills - Growing Gators

Here's another great buy at Dollar Tree. I'll be using these in science to teach process skills. These gators once placed in water will begin to grow at least 600% their original size. Through the years, this has been a class favorite.

Basic Scientific Process Skills include:
*Observing: Qualitative observations are observations made by using the five senses.
*Measuring: Quantitative observations are observations made by using tools to measure, weigh, etc.
*Inferring: Formulating an assumption or explanation about what was observed.
*Classifying: Grouping items by their similarities or differences.
*Predicting: Making a guess based about what will happen based on observations.
*Communicating: Describing what actually happened using words, symbols, or graphics.

July Currently...

School ended here in Louisiana before Memorial Day, and so far it has been a great summer off. I have had opportunity to get some much needed sleep so I am now feeling more refreshed for the coming school year!

Today, is July 1st and that means we start school NEXT month. I hope July does not fly by as I still need more time for resting, refreshing, and recreating. Summer is such a great time to not be clock driven. Oh, the lazzzzzy days of summer....how I love thee!

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