January 16, 2016

Back to School Down Under SALE on TpT

To all the teachers heading back to school this week.  Here's one for you!!  HUGS!

Check out all of these wonderful TpT stores participating in the Back to School Down Under Sale! Stock up for the coming school year at a big discount!

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1 comment:

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    creating positive relationships with students, colleagues, and parents
    establishing a habit of self care to improve work/life balance
    strategies to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete the daily minutiae required by all teachers everywhere

    I wrote the book after resigning from a K-8 principal position I had held for 14 years; today, I continue to work with students, teachers, and parents, all with the goal of helping everyone achieve a greater level of personal success in whatever role they hold. I also write articles for the Huffington Post and a various blogs, offer continuing professional education for Texas educators, and speak/present at conferences as opportunities arise.

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    Please let me know your mailing address if you are interested in receiving a copy of the book and a few bracelets. I can also send the press packet, if you are interested.

    Susie Wolbe